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For all of us 2020 we be a memorable year! Fortunately, WA’s positive management of the pandemic has meant that we are now entering a new phase of easing restrictions, so I am delighted to announce that we are shifting our focus to reopening the Gallery towards the end of July. We are very keen to resume our programming and engage with our supporters and visitors once again.

Sadly, due to severe budget constraints resulting from the shutdown, we have had to adjust our exhibition plans for the remainder of 2020 but the good news is we are going ahead with our exciting collection show 50fifty: 2020, the culmination of our very successful three-year acquisition initiative. We will close the year, as planned, by continuing our partnership with The Collectors Club of WA to present the finalists of the prestigious John Stringer Prize dedicated to the late John Stringer.

Our major exhibition The Alternative Archive, with the agreement of all participants, will now be staged in 2021, when there is more likelihood that eased restrictions will allow regional artists and curators to attend.

The health and safety of our supporters, staff and visitors will always be our highest priority when we reopen, so we will implement all necessary health and safety initiatives in line with Government Guidelines.

500 books stacked with a sheet over them

50fifty: 2020
July – 16 October (TBC)

Launched in 2017 as Curtin University celebrated the 50th Anniversary of its establishment as the Western Australian Institute of Technology, the John Curtin Gallery embarked upon an exciting and ambitious program to build on Curtin University’s Art Collection. The 50fifty Acquisition Initiative aimed to acquire fifty significant new artworks by 2020. We are delighted that 50fifty has been so successful that we are able to bring fifty of the most significant works together in this exhibition to mark the culmination of the first three years of this Collection development program.

The John Stringer Prize 2020
13 November – 13 December

The John Stringer Prize was established in 2015 in honour of the pioneering Australian curator, the late John Stringer (1945–2007) as a non-acquisitive, annual award aimed at supporting outstanding Western Australian visual art practice.

Finalists are selected by a panel of curators invited by The Collectors Club to consider Western Australian artists that deserve broader recognition by bringing their work to the attention of the wider public. These six artists are then commissioned to create new work from which the winning artist is determined through a secret ballot conducted by The Collectors Club members.