The Donor Circle

Established in 2018, the John Curtin Gallery Donor Circle is for changemakers.

Our donors believe in change. They understand the power of viewing the world through a different lens and sharing the experience with others. The Gallery is committed to exploring diverse stories through the work of First Nations and contemporary Australian artists, and to providing a voice to the disenfranchised. Our donors strengthen this commitment by contributing to the Donor Circle. Their generosity provides opportunities for others to engage with the world in new and exciting ways, and to begin conversations about the status quo and the many possibilities for the future. When you join the Donor Circle, you join a community of people who make change a priority.

Your commitment and ours

The Donor Circle requests an annual minimum commitment of $1,000. In return, our Circle supporters enjoy gatherings for exclusive exhibition previews, artist floor talks and early bird opportunities to Gallery initiatives.

Payment options

Simply choose the payment style that suits you best.

$1000 – one-off payment
Over $1000 – choose your gift
$83/month – direct debit
$38.47/fortnight – staff pre-tax